‘Jyoti Sroat’ means the source of light. We are an inclusive school based in Shillong, Meghalaya, providing educational and mainstreaming opportunities to vulnerable groups which includes children with disabilities, children without disabilities, children from disadvantaged socio-economic background. The school was born out of the concern of a few well-meaning professionals and individuals of Shillong, for providing educational opportunities for children with Visual Impairment. . The school was established on 22nd August 1993 as the first special school for the Visually impaired in Shillong. From 2006 onwards Jyoti Sroat evolved into an inclusive school offering educational opportunities to all children. The students as of this year are children with disability, children without disability and children from other vulnerable and marginalized backgrounds. These children study together in the same classroom facilitated by teachers who are specially trained. The motto of Bethany Society ‘Humans and Earth Fully Alive’ whispers into the ears of Jyoti Sroat School inspiring it to enable children and young people and its staff to lead a ‘Life with Dignity’ – the motto of the school.

Our Services

At the core of all our programs lies the inherent desire to reinforce the inclusive value and strengthen the barrier-free structure of our school and society at large. We strive to foster an accessible and conducive environment for all our diverse learners to thrive and achieve their rightful place in the society

Early Intervention

A variety of coordinated therapeutic and support services to infants and toddlers and their families

Early Education

We offer programs to suit the individual needs of each child. The main objective is to develop skills which are significant in laying the foundation for inculcation of social and personal habits and values

DeafBlind Unit

In order to support our vision of Total Inclusion we also offer programs to accommodate children with deafblindness who cannot be accommodated in special education programs solely for children with HI or children with VI. It involves hand-on one to one intervention to enhance their learning by familiarizing them with their learning environment

Out of School Support Class

We offer Out of school support class to increase the enrollment of all children between 6 to 14 years and hence decrease the drop-out rate. We follow the simplified syllabus approved by DERT to ensure that through appropriate intervention children are placed in their age-appropriate class.

Our Activities

At Jyoti Sroat School we aim to provide a common platform to ALL children for their personal and intellectual growth. Their personality is developed through various co-scholastic activities such as painting, sports, music (vocal & instrumental), fashion shows, craft, and by giving exposure to our well- equipped computer lab. Moreover, aligning to our vision of building an inclusive society we ensure that the parents of students are actively involved and significantly contribute to the major decision making processes of the school.

Our Salient Features

Over the years through our rigorous efforts and support from well-wishers we have been able to cultivate a conducive and inclusive environment on our continual pursuit of building an Inclusive society

Unique Diversity of Students and Staff

We are an Inclusive school with diversity being one of our biggest strengths. Our students and staff are astutely comprised of persons with and without disability and those from various disadvantaged and marginalized backgrounds

Learning Space

Flexibility is an inherent facet of all our programs. We ensure that the teaching and learning process is customized to suit the individual learning needs of the students

Availability of Cross-Disability Approach

To strengthen Inclusion, we adopt a cross-disability approach to cater to the diverse needs of all our learners

Neighborhood Children's Parliament

Promoting empowerment of children and child autonomy by providing them a platform to speak and to be heard and also to participate in governance

Latest News

Jyoti Sroat School is celebrating the Include Vidya Campaign along with the inauguration of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations. On the day we are organizing a series of inspiring, insightful and inclusive events in collaboration with the Civil Society, RAISE North East, Local Ngo's, schools, colleges and parents' association.

Jyoti Sroat School Fete

Gear up for a vibrant, colorful and fun-filled day as we are celebrating the Jyoti Sroat School Fete on Thursday, April 12, 2018 at Jyoti Sroat School, Bethany Society Campus Shillong. Come along and rejoice with us with some really engaging games, delicious food and a paraphernalia of entertaining activities including Jukebox, Karaoke, Photobooth...


Jyoti Sroat School, Bethany Society is celebrating the Include Vidya Campaign and the World White Cane Day on the 14th October, 2017. The theme of the day is to underline the imperative, the need of the hour, which is to foster an “Inclusive Society: A Society for All”, where no one is left behind....

Join us in creating a world where impairment is not viewed as a disability but a celebration of our diversity