‘Jyoti Sroat’ means source of light. The school was born out of the concern of a few well-meaning professionals and individuals of Shillong, for providing educational opportunities for children with visual impairment. The Society for Promotion of Eye Care and Sight  (SPECS)  founded by Dr J.V. Basaiawmoit, with the expert advice of Sr. Rosario Lopez, the then President of Bethany Society, Meghalaya, established the first special school for the visually impaired in the city in 1993. After a short while, the school became a unit of Bethany Society.

The school functioned in the old laundry rooms of St. Edmund’s School for five years. Eventually, the same plot of land was kindly donated to the Bethany Society by the Christian Brothers of St. Edmund’s, Shillong. In 2002 the school moved into its permanent building supported by the Ayudamas, Government of Spain.

The motto of Bethany Society ‘Earth and Humans Fully Alive’ whispers into the ears of Jyoti Sroat School inspiring it to opportune children and young people and its staff into a ‘Life with Dignity’ – the motto of the school.