Our Staff

We have committed,  proactive teachers and dedicated support staff working to help each child to reach their potential. Our staff has high expectations and adopt a wide variety of innovative teaching practices. Our Teaching Staff comprises of the following personnel:

  • Special Educators: 18sd5
  • Orientation & Mobility Instructor: 1
  • General teachers: 4
  • Physiotherapist: 1
  • Teacher Aid: 2

Our inclusive value is again reflected in our staff composition where four of our teachers are persons with disability (Two deaf persons, one with moderate hearing impairment and one is totally blind)    

Besides, our non-teaching staff plays an equally vital role and serves as a cornerstone upon which the Inclusive foundation of Jyoti Sroat School firmly rests. The non-teaching staff is constituted by:

  • sd6Admin: 3
  • Office Staff: 2
  • Helpers: 3
  • Transport Staff: 4